About me


With your faith you can overcome all kind of impossibilities.

My name is Mariana de’Graf Dickson, the author of Inner Metamorphosis Copywriter for Health Care. One of my passion is being a Copywriter in this field. I have a medical background and a clinical experience and obviously very familiar with the industry. This helps me to understand the different avenues of the extensive medical field. Even in the alternative medicine. I will  to help you to promote your business in an effective way; to get noticed on the web and get profit.

Personally, I have overcome very serious health struggle. The care of your inner spirit is the key to overcome every threat in your life. I learned in the most difficult time you will find light in the middle of the darkest storm.  Nothing is impossible for those who believe.

My current life style has turned around my daily growth. In my spiritual life, which brings me peace and health. My physical activity is walking and jogging in the morning which keeps me strong and with longevity. My personal life is close to my son, husband and lovely family. I enjoy the family time, doing things together; cooking, reading and learning every day from the little one.



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