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Have you ever thought how the feeling or emotions affect your body?
There are few time that the people think about how the thought and emotions impact the body most of the time, we follow the stress pattern, the tension, anxiety, the hurry, the hopeless and the feelings, that impact your emotions and body, lowering the quality of life.
Everyone can understand the connection between body and mind. Is very important our thoughts and emotions can be determined at the time of the stimulation in the production of substances that our brain produces when we have one state of happiness of euphoria, the same negative emotions, is the place of produce wellness in our body, generate pain and many displacement.

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We are responsible to give the positive or negative connotation to every moment our live. Our emotions can be the result of some physical discomfort, which is an indication of  what we go through in difficult time, in which the emotions and the negative thoughts keep you paralyzed. For example, the constant discomfort on the neck is one indication for the stability to see different perspective. The sensation of inexplicable pain in the limbs is the indication of fear paralyzed you, for lack of ability to take important decisions.

The pain in the high back it has relation with a lack of love; the pain in the middle of the back it’s a relation with the inability for don’t let the go the past, and the pain in the low back it’s has relation with the financial stress. One feel of pain in the knee can show afraid, pride and lack to overcome the ego.

When you go through a situation that produce anger, the body produce some biochemistry effects that increase the Adrenaline levels. The sad feeling have high efficiency in our energy and motivation every single day. The sad feeling can bring fatigue, tiredness and low levels of energy.

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Part of life is to have good moments full of happiness and go through difficult moments; that test our strength and the ability to control our emotions. To overcome the thoughts and negative emotions that affect us, in whatever moments our life is important to bring positive thoughts in every experience, for more difficult and disaster it look like.

Every day, when you getting up is important to program our body and mind, to take the challenges it bring every day. And the opportunity to live well, be happy,  and strong. In our mind we have the amazing power and strength to do it such kind of things, we desire to be. It’s important to see the optimistic way, and always look the good side of the things. It’s doesn’t matter how hard or difficult it looks like.

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