Hepatic Toxicity in the development of diseases.

The function of the liver.

The liver is a vital organ in the important function of good state of health, through it can storage nutrient and filter toxins that damage highly our body. This hard job can make it weak and damage the process. The intoxication of the liver is common, most all the time it’s wrong diagnosis with the “digestive problem“. It should you what are the characteristic symptoms and the correct diagnosis and promote a some detox procedures that promote de good functionalinality.

The importance of the liver in the digestive process is to recognize that have more than 500 functions, the principals; bile production, glucose, proteins, vitamin and fat production, hemoglobin production and ammonia to urea conversion. The principal roll in the final products of the huge regulation of the digestive process, that get absorbed through the intestinal mucosa and transporter after through the Portal circulation. The liver receive endogens substances to free fat acids and amino acid, derived from metabolic process and another tissues.


imagesZZALC40B.jpg liver - Hepatic Toxicity in the development of diseases.

The existence of abnormal digestive symptoms show up when  the body is overcharge of toxins which generally are storage in the liver. Those are the symptoms hat show liver intoxication.

Chronic fatigue.                                                                                                                                                          The chronic uncontrollable fatigue. It’s characterized  when the person arise lethargy, the intense tiredness like the person don’t sleep that all. Due the body around the sleep hours develop multiples digestives and clean functions.  In case of liver intoxication this process don’t get completed, that means the body work in the half of his capacity.

Digestives problems.                                                                                                                                                        The most frequent signs are bloat, pain, diarrhea or constipation, difficulties to lost weigh, lack of appetite and nauseas. It got worse with the fat diet, red meat or alcohol included. When this happening is important to choose one natural detox procedure.

Out of control of the emotions.                                                                                                                                       The liver intoxication produce chemical unbalance in the brain and the hormones. This can produce emotional problems, principally bad mood, anguish, anxiety and desperation. If you experiment frequent change of mood than join digestives problems and fatigue it’s important the liver evaluation.

Another frequent symptoms.                                                                                      

When there is stress in the liver can develop some symptoms. Halitosis, difficulty to digest fatty food, anxiety, excessive transpiration. Halitosis, difficulty to digest fatty food, anxiety, excessive transpiration and bad smell, concentration difficulty and forgoness, muscle and join pain, bladder problems and allergies, eruptions in the skin, acne, eczema and headache. The liver is the bigness organ in the body, responsible of many function of the body. Then we find alternative that allow to preserve the good and healthy functionality and cut off every bad every activity that prevent wellness in his function.