How Smoking is not Good Sport.

Definition of Smoking.
Tobacco is an addictive substance principally by the active compound nicotine, which acts on the central nervous system. The smoker suffers from physical dependency and generate the psychological abstinence syndrome called smoking. The Nicotine generates addiction, with anti-depressive effects and the anxiety relief. The nicotine is not used in the drugstore to relieve depression because about the half of twentieth century found effective anti-depressive that do not create addiction.

The OMS show up in the world more than 1500 million of smokers that represented about three of the population older than 15 years old. There are 47% men and 11% women in this age range who consume about 14 cigarettes per day about the total of 5812 billion of cigarettes per year. 74% of the cigarettes are consumed in low-middle consumer countries (have in consideration in the worldwide population the high population live in the low -middle income). Between men and women the segment of age who are smokers are high in proportion between 30-49 years.
The highest population of smokers are in the regions of China, India and Russia. The European Union exist a progressive reductions in the consume, in the high prevalence in man and women except in Sweden where the consumption is high in women. It is estimated in Mexico that daily death is between 123 and 165 persons for tobacco consumption and other substances. Addiction has become a big health problem in the world today.


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The causes of smoking.
Exist such predisposition to create dependency, physical, psychological and social create in the consumers. Most of them smoke for relief from anxiety substitute with the Nicotine effect. Smoking creates physical dependency on nicotine, according to Allen Carr, creator of the method to stop smoking. He affirmed that anxiety is produced for the lack of nicotine is real.
However, anxiety can multiply in the mind of the smoker and social factor, stress situation or own fears it’s develop a psychological compound to the physical addiction. In the magazine Medline are register 356 scientific public articles described the relationship between smoking and schizophrenia and other pituitary disorders. It is considered a disease, that require medical treatment with psychological and social education. Such dependencies are difficult to correct them.

Smoking effects in the body and health.
To smoke one cigar can produce in the body high cardiac rite, respiratory frequency and arterial tension. The smoke produces irritative reaction in the respiratory track. It is considered a disease, that reduction of mucus and the difficulty to delivery cause cough. The continue inflammation produce chronic bronchitis. Also produce the reduction in the Pulmonary capacity, produce the smoker high tiredness and diminution of the resistance in the relation with the strength (exercise). Smoking can cause variety of disease, like lung cancer, bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema. It is known from long ago to be a health public, such kind of affection of the health associate with the tobacco consumptions. Due to the damage associated with the smoking consume in the half million of death in the American continent.
The smoke it constitutes for one gaseous phase and other solid phase. The gaseous phase represent the 95% of the weight and have 500 components. The solid phase represent the 5% of the weight is formed for 3500 components between them are three: the nicotine, responsible of the addiction, the carbon monoxide, responsible of the cardiovascular diseases and the alquitren responsible of the cancer associated. It has identified 4000 substances from the smoke cigars, from which less than 60 are probably human carcinogens.

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Affectation of the organs.
The tobacco affect directly the Respiratory System start with respiratory diseases like cough, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, Cancer of the mouth or Pulmonary cancer in advances stages.

Smoke with Pregnancy.
The smoking around the pregnancy develop risk from the smoker and the baby, with high risk with ectopic pregnancies, cardiac alterations, with the risk to develop a baby with low weight, respiratory insufficient, risk for sudden death, stroke or Leukemia in neonate.
Effect of smoking in the second person.
The person that is affected directly without smoke, they inhale the smoke it come from cigar. The a passive e exposition to the smoke cause severe cardiovascular and respiratory transtorns, principally ischemic Cardiopathy, pulmonary cancer. In the pregnant woman provoke low weight from the new born and between the lacteal  phase cause sudden death. There is many research that show the nocive effect of smoke in the pregnant women.

Also the nicotine and carbon monoxide pass to the body of the fetus. Show in the carboxyhemoglobin twice high in the fetus blood that the mother. If the mom smoking the last 6 moths of the pregnancy, the high risk from death is double for the new born. The treatment is centralized in the control of the compulsive behavior, for to stop smoking or alternative methods like the use of the electronic cigar, resent studies show this item doesn’t cause heart damage. This alternative method avoid the abstinence syndrome.