How to Prevent the Acne Progress to a Serious Skin Problem

The Vulgar Acne Can Progress to Any Kind of Complex Acne. The vulgar acne or common acne is known, is chronic disease from the skin that involve the pilo sebaceous unit (hear follicles and oil gland)characterized by the formation of comedones, papules, pustules nodules and scars, that appear in the face an de superior trunk. Acne and principal causes. The development from the vulgaris acne is common in the puberty. Rosacea is more frequent among adults, which is a similar aspect. The presence of the vulgaris acne in adults of olderage, can be the condition of subjacent condition like the pregnancy and another like the ovarian polycystic or in the Cushing Syndrome. The multifactorial causes and the unknown the how some have acne and other do not, which is partially genetic and the gen existence in the predisposition.

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Causes From Acne Increase in the production of oil and hyperplasia from the oil glands. Abnormal peeling from the keratinocyte. Bacteria Propionibacterium acnes presence. Inflammation. Another cause with the presence of acne. Hormonal dysfunction, like the menstrual cycles in the puberty. Shrink from follicular channel. The abnormal spreading from the follicular cells, abnormal vincula cells between the follicle and the water retention in the skin, are mentioned like the important mechanism. Stress impulse trigger the discharge from the suprarenal glands. ACNE STAGESmages9NZX54ZL - How to Prevent the Acne Progress to a Serious Skin ProblemHormonal Factor in the Development of Acne. The center attention in the overproduction of seborrhea with the hormonal liberation it’s the principal cause. The cause of acne is the association with many hormones. Androgens are the principal regulation in the production oil; testosterone, the dihydrotestosterone (DTH) and the dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS). progesterone inhibit the 5-alfa reductase, that require to convert the testosterone in the more potent dihydrotestosterone. Estrogens reduce the size of the sebaceous glands and reduce the production of oil. The Insulin and the factor Insulin type 1 of grow (IGF-1) the insulin stimuli the grow in the sebaceous glands. Adrenocorticotrophic hormone delivers, It converts in proopiomelanocortin in the anterior pituitary, induce lipogenesis in the oil glands. Melacortines are product from the proopiomelanocortin and stimuli the sebaceous glands. Hormone adrenocorticotropic stimuli the production of oil. What Food Can Causes Acne. There exist speculation in the relation between the consume of such kind of meals and the production or got worse acne. There was thinking that the chocolate, mil, sugar or chemicals substances, can be related with the worst acne situation. Only can relationship in the severity of acne between kids and teenager that ingest a diet rich in fat and sugar. Some kind individual presents such kind of predisposition when the type of the skin is grease make the situation worse.

Causes of Facial Acne and Distribution.

The presence of oil face type in complexity with the hormonal factors, can develop this condition, with the appearance in the face and other areas of the body. there exists obstruction of the hair follicles (compound for the hair follicles and the pilosebaceous unit). The excess of the production of oil start around 9 years old that stimuli a high production of adrenal androgens and high levels of peeling from squamous epithelium that recover the interior of the follicles with the abnormal quaternization. With obstruction from the follicular ostium. First in microscopic way (microcomedon). When the production of oil continue, the follicles it get wide until it’s visible the basic damage from the acne: the comedon.

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The difference of pimple is when exist the microscopic lesion (microcomedon) inflammatory stage. Develop acne when microcomedon grow and mature and break the skin show up the lesion in comedon. What cause the skin from the face break out.The obstruction contribute to the super population to the bacteria’s Propionibacterium acnes, which produce tissue inflammation, and the present of immunology cells: lymphocyte TCD4 and neutrophils, which infiltrate the zone and disrupted the follicular wall, produce the follicles content; lipids, cellular content and  fund bacterias to the surrounding dermis. The inflammatory answer is extreme with the delivery from the mediator; cytokines, peptides and other, produce the apparition of papule. To mayor inflammation conduce the formation of pustules and the extension and formation of cyst. The presence of nodules where exist deep inflammation and compound various hair follicles. This lesion produced skin scars.

Treatment of Acne.

The number of person that have acne, specially the teenager, present psychological and social alteration. In some cases, can develop lack of confidence and can be depressed, because of low esteem and shame. The treatment from acne depend of the extension e intensity from the disease, the production of scars, the factors from the patient like age, hormonal and skin characteristic. Lastly from the history of the clinic answer to the diversity of treatment, also from the psychology that impact in the life quality. In general the acne can be auto limited in the 60% of the cases and respond to combine therapies plus the topic treatment. In the 40% of the cases the chronic acne and the severity can be prolonged until for more 12 years. Requirement permanent treatment. The most of the cases is benefic the oral isotretinoin. Actually exist a wide diversity of treatment with drugs of medical procedures that allow to limited or resolved the damage from the skin. The application from one thyme solution can be alternative therapeutic and the use of benzoyl peroxide in the control of acne with bactericide power again the Propionibacterium acnes.