How I Can Not keep My Good Health.

Definition of Health.

The health is a determinative, for the development of the different functions of the body; physical, mental and social. Health is the absences of disease, means when you don’t has any symptoms or signs that affecting our organs, body. You are healthy and strong.
The definition of health, Latin root Salus, in reference of the total wellness in an individual. Even more the health is the object of medical science, with different disciplines.

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The Health World Organization (OMS) recognized the health is the full state of wellness included this factors: Physical, mental and social.
Some years after 1991 from 1948,some persons recognized the harmony from the natural environment is a important part of the person. It means, you can not be healthy if your house is close to a polluted fabric, which produce in you adverse site effects. Or a big symptoms; like pain, cough because the environment it’s not healthy, which it can be impact your body with bad fillings.

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The wellness is determined for the health care of the body and mental harmony between individuals. With the development of actions that protect and cover, the balance of our body. And the connection with social and natural. One of this actions is the physical exercise, when many professional advices like, take 30 minutes daily, doesn’t be sedentary (No physical activity).
People who are inactive tend to have higher heart rates of blood pressure. The higher your heart rate, the harder your heart must work with each contraction and the stronger the force in your arteries. Lack of physical activity put your body in get overweight or obesity.

Or the another hand, is important too the nutrition, that means it doesn’t eat less; otherwise the necessary amount and the meals that give us vitamins, proteins and minerals. That allow to keep the healthy body, like the milk and lacteous that give us, essential Calcium for the healthy bones.
Meals and nutrient.
One essential part for to develop a good quality of life is the application of one good and healthy nourish in balance and responsible. Due the different routine’s of the population and the high cost of the food.
The definition of Nourishment is the process, where the meals and to the body the enough nutrients for the development. The nourish is very important in the human health