Stem cell the inteligent supplement.

The Activator of Stem Cells

The Stem cell is a supplement that was demonstrated. for a big amount of scientific evidence shows that adult stem cells help repair, restore and regenerate damaged cells, tissues and organs, including the skin. Adult stem cells are the body’s raw materials, cell from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated.





Given the right conditions, stem cells divide to form either more stem cells or specialized cells with a specific function such as brain cells, heart muscle cells, or blood cells. Stem Forte from Nuvi. The regenerative function can provide the conditions in which your naturally occurring adult stem cells will thrive, promoting natural energy and youthful vitality.



Immunoterapia 2 - Stem cell the inteligent supplement.


Stem Forte a Supplement with the faculty to give excellent outcome in the stimulation and reproduction of adults stem cells, with the ability to differentiate into more than one cell type to a diversity like; stem cells from the neurons, eye cardio, liver, erythrocyte, bone etc.  This  alternative therapy are give excellent result in the inner activation of the adults stem cells.