What Don’t Build you Up

The Junk Food.

Junk food are meals with exist abuse in the consume. Such kind of meals name fast food. Contain high levels of oil, salt, condiments, chemical additives and sugars that stimulate the appetite and the thirst sensation with the use of meals flavors, seasoning; glutamate and tartrazine.

The flavors and season it’s the brand for the very “suigeneris” main commercial interest for the people that run that business. Is something like I can imaged the brand and I feel the desire to go and get it. You can eat it, while on the while for not for the daily living, in long term it can create in you health issues.

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The Fact about Fast Food

This kind of meals are prejudicial for the health with the excessive consume of  them. Is related with people groups, such don’t have time to cook in home. In one senses, the investigation over the sociocultural process and nutrition help to understand this phenomenon, related with change in big scale, like the globalization, modernization where there is a substitution of rolls and change in the food and nutrition. The frequent consumption of junk food is related to the obesity, heart diseases, diabetes types II and other. It is not the same if the consumption is once a week, the consequences are irreversible and unhealthy. The healthy meals habit we acquire with the time and modern like, it need to be transform in habit that build and strength our body, you need to take action principally in the infants, teach them what is really good food.  One principal factor in the problem of the infantile obesity and complication of health issues. Like Desnutrition a fat kid is not sing of over nourish, is the sing of careless.

JUNK - What Don't Build you Up

One ingestion of junk food (example, hamburger, French potatoes, fried tortillas, sugary drink and candy) contain 9200 Cal (2200 kcal is require a marathon to burn them. The physical inactivity plus t the bad nourishments increase in great way the site effects in the health.  Like increase the levels of glucose in blood, that prepared your body to import Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes.  High levels cholesterol and triglycerides import hearth conditions, strokes and respiratory diseases.

Frequently the kids present big nutrition problems. This contribute a social and psychological problems in the development of the kid, to create low esteem and propends to be rejected. The obesity index, cardiac problems and psychological repercussions can be reflected in the kid because o malnutrition. Malnourished can be excess of lack of the right nutrients that help the infant to develop their body and all the capacities.

The percentage of overweight and obesity is high in industrialized countries; show up high prevalence of diseases that only exist in the adult population in sub development countries.  Finally is the responsibility of the parents to resold this issues in their homes.

Effect of the Junk Food in the Health.

One of the principal problem of health is the Obesity, The obesity is the main door for all the health problems, most of the people with overweigh or obesity they start development internally chemical reaction that conduce to open door to another disease.