Mariana Spirit of Design.

Mariana Spirit of Design.

            With your faith you can overcome all kind of impossibilities.

Mariana Spirit of Design

The author of Inner Metamorphosis LLC. One of my passion like a SEO consultant and design. I have a medical background and a clinical experience and obviously  I can heal anything even a website.  This helps me to understand the different avenues of the extensive medical field, alternative medicine and others.  I will help you to promote your business in an effectively way; to get noticed on the web and get profit.

Personally, I have overcome serious health struggle. The care of your inner spirit is the key to overcome every threat in your life. I learned in the most difficult time you will find light in the middle of the darkest storm.  Nothing is impossible for those who believe.

My current lifestyle has turned around my daily growth. In my spiritual life, which brings me peace and health. My physical activity is walking and jogging in the morning which keeps me strong and with longevity. My personal life is close to my son, husband and lovely family. I enjoy the family time, doing things together; cooking, reading and learning every day from the little one.


Inner Metamorphosis is a small business. Mariana and Francis de'Graft Dickson Founder and Co funder a family Company, which was born as a result of the self-improvement and the smart decision how to overcome a big crisis from the dark world. When adversity comes, many people just do not know what to do, and some of them end up in the streets with nothing; homeless and hopeless.
Me an my family almost homeless but not hopeless because faith and hope will be available to stand up against the adversity.  I start build and found  my own future. I was available to build LIFE in the middle of the adversity, overcame the diagnosis of uterine cancer, I  gave birth to a “blessing son” as a result of her AMAZING faith.
I was a medical doctor in my country helping women to give birth, and something happened to me. I never accept no, because I know God, he give me a life to be a prosperous and bless. I'll be available to turn the page, I got it with the power of my faith.(the adversity get mad for this)
Like a  founder I be available to start my own company. I teaches people how to get wisdom about how to prevent health challenges and manage some of them. Plan to teach how they can use all the human potential that everybody has and not available to find it because they are looking in the wrong place.
I found an answer in real life, leading with my life. We are the inspiration for change, don't be limited for the wrong rules. They just want to put a limit in you, telling you you cannot make it. Of course, you make only with God.
As a doctor, I knows if you got the doctor for help and maybe some result because the science is not the last answer.  I challenges myself, helps people and not able to help myself. Everything you need for succeed in life is insight of you.
She creates the concept, no theory is a fact and reality after she got diagnosed with that terrible disease. I define the Inner Metamorphosis  Syndrome, it's the found it purpose from the human spirit getting a complete knowledge; you can get  wisdom, heal and happiness, in few works fulfillment.

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