The 5 important clinical researches.

Every moth show up the most important researches that promote the evolution of the science and the development of drugs that prevent, control and heal some diseases. These are the 5 most important.

The development is continue, every day surge new Diana of researches that change concept, the diseases and new alternatives. For the treatments and production of the new drugs.

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No correlation with the incidence of crisis with the high statistic of suicide.
The motive of suicide, it be lack of moral values, lost of self value.  One research of the Madrid Autonomic University show the prevalence of suicide in Spain not increase in the last decade, even in economic crisis, destroyed the hypothesis of European and American statistical.   Study from the Journal of Affective Disorders, determined the suicide is the first external cause of death of the development countries, with the double of incidence in death for traffic accidents, the crisis is not a factor, but the mental disorders.

New Therapy by cancer.
The  (CSIC) Superior Council of Science Research. This Institution and expert, has been development a way to produce less toxic  for the use in Chemotherapy. Is the result of the union between turbeline in the chromosome segregation, in the cellular division the protein responsible and 3 antitumorales agents, rhizoxin, maytansine and PMO 60184, to combat the cancer.

The hypo connectivity in cerebrals nets in young people.
One research allow to understand the deep of the depression, some researched the University of Illinois (UIC). Who has been be depressed has a high connection with nets emotional and cognitive associated with think so much in a problem and don’t get the solution.

Found connection between feeling and memories.
A new research studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revels there is a cerebral circuit with inoculations of the feeling and positive emotions or negative. The manipulation of the neuronal activity with light, is possible change the association, it be utility for the treatment of  Post traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) the Nature, in study affirms the circuit of neurons that connect to the amygdala and hippocampus, is the connection key between feeling and memories.

Found the evolutive mechanism from the fishes can live out of water.                  Scientists  from the University McGill from Canada, in soil created an African fish, that allow observation the anatomic,behavioral changes are similar, that happened from 400 millions of years. When be transformer in theropods and begun to explore the earth.